About The Author

Manoj Shrivastava

Manoj Shrivastava is an IT Leader who has learned the art of wealth creation the hard way. With no formal financial education in his school and college he was tied between his temptations to consumerism and his desire to create wealth for himself and his child. More often than not the temptations won over the desire. After a decade of work he had no more than 10 grands in his bank account and he got red faced when his father needed some money for an emergency and he had to deny due to unavailability of funds. Not only his parents but he too was surprised with what little he achieved. That was his moment of reckoning and he did some serious introspection.

The main problem he realized is the lack of understanding of finance. He approached few friends who were known for their financial acumen. Two of his close friends in Airtel were the first ones to introduce him to the wonderful world of finance. His life transformed after these learning and so did his net asset value. A year later his organization sponsored him to an executive education in Welingkar Institute of Management and Research Mumbai where he learned the basics of financial management in a formal manner. Because of his knack for teaching he was quickly able to convert the concepts used in corporates to be used in personal finance.

It has been his passion to educate the youth of this country on personal finance and this book is the fruit of this passion.

Manoj is a Post graduate in Computer Engineering from Indian Institute of Science and a graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science, Indore. He draws upon his decade long experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate students and his experience in presenting IT Concepts to his peers in other departments of the company while writing this book. This has helped him convert complex concepts of finance into simple and easier to understand steps in this book.

Post his stint in academics he has served large corporates like Bharti Airtel, Reliance ADA Group and MTS India in senior leadership roles and has been awarded with several industry awards in the field of IT. His interests spreads across alternative medicines, Vastu, astrology, meditation and loves to read books in all genre. He lives in Gurgaon with his wife and daughter.

USP of the Book: The book is an ideal gift from a sister to her brother, parents to their child, a wife to her husband, a friend to another friend and a boss to his team.