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Discover The way To Inner Wisdom

Motivating and energizing, this book is about self discovery. Many of us have questions unanswered about ourselves. Superficially, we lead our lives, but how wonderful would it be if we had the courage to look into ourselves and find that rare wisdom that defines us? Do not be afraid to explore. Even if you’re ridiculed as a weak person who seeks help, never give up in this journey of inquiry. This book provides a different perspective about how you should seek answers. We usually ignore things that are difficult to grasp, but the easy explanation provided makes it simple for the reader. It also talks about how our ego can mislead us and force us into paths of destruction. We have always done what our elders asked us to do. Our journey is usually mapped out right from the moment we are born! However, this book challenges such notions and encourages the reader to travel unknown paths that could be frightening, but enlightening. It talks about how life can change once you discover who you really are. Just like an onion reveals several hidden layers, the ‘Inquiry’ helps to find the answers you’ve been looking for through yourself. Once you understand the cosmic design, things automatically become clear.


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What to Expect?

In this book you will discover
The five essential aspects of investing to create wealth
The crucial process to plan your future
Mistakes people make on their journey to financial freedom
How and when to start investing more

About The Author

BK Jayasimha

Balakrishna Jayasimha (BK) caters to a niche set of Behavioral and Self Developmental work in the field of Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence. He is an International Rebirthing breath worker, Personal and Yoga Coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Speaker and Writer. His approach to the learning curve is to merge the ancient spiritual traditions to modern management practices leading to a deeper understanding for the learner. He has published many articles in leading National dailies and the Internet to that effect. This ability to add depth and dimension to the subject makes the learning experience profound.

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Who should read it


If you are a working professional and do not understand personal finance well, this book is for you.

New Investor

If you are planning to start investing this book is for you.

Casual investor

If you are a casual investor who does not invest regularly this is for you.


If you need a motivation to start planning your finances this book is for you.
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